Picture of the couple, Fiz & Bob

Hello & Welcome to the Fiz & Bob family!

Run by Fizza & Baba, a happily married Canadian couple of over 30 years.

Fiz & Bob specializes in premium quality smoked meat sandwiches, bringing their unique recipes all the way from Canada to Karachi.

For over 30 years, both of us have shared an immense passion for creating unique recipes and cooking for our friends and family.

With the Covid Pandemic in 2020, our joyful weekends of cooking for others came to a sudden halt. It was at that moment when we realized that although we could no longer physically enjoy meals with our loved ones, we could still connect with them and others on a much larger scale with the creation of Fiz & Bob.

Through the last 2 years, the response to Fiz & Bob has been absolutely incredible. Our small family business started with a simple idea of connecting with people through food has grown beyond our wildest dreams!

Picture of the couple, Fiz & Bob

We both offer our individual expertise making this labor of love truly special. Fizza is a certified Chef from Liason College, and Baba is a food science genius. With Fizza’s command of flavors and Baba’s mastery of recipe formulation, we use a blend of classic techniques we’ve always loved, for new-age kitchen creations, making all of our menu items unique and special in their own way. Each recipe we use today is made with premium ingredients that have been fine-tuned over the years to bring you something truly different.

We thank you for joining us on this journey and cannot wait to see where it takes us.